Résidence in France and corporate in another EU country


I’m a Freelance and my tax residency is in France.

I would like to start a company in another EU country to optimize my taxes.

What could be the best solution?

I have read about Malta and Estonia but I’m not sure of double taxation.

The best thing that you can do is to consult a local tax prodessional in order to determine the best solution for your situation. In both cases, you will probably need to etablish a branch in France and do accounting in both countries. So you would have to bring out the pros and cons of establishing a business in France, in Estonia and Malta and compare them to determine which would be the most optimal solution for your case. I have heard that in France, the minimum share capital requirements may be high therefore incorporating in Estonia or Malta would be a good workaround.

As I do not know much about Malta, I cannot give any advice on that. However, as I am from Estonia and work at a CSP, I can share some insights into that. Benefits of Estonia: You can use any EEA bank account as your business bank, can start a business without the initial share capital payments (minimum €2,500), e-Residency allows to establish and manage your business remotely, quite low business maintenence costs, 0% CIT on reinvested profits.