Estonian Company while in Malta

Hi guys,

Would an Estonian company (OƜ) be taxed in Malta if the owner is a maltese resident? (ordinary residence).
I heard from a lawyer that, because the company would be controlled and managed from Malta, these foreign incomes would be taxed.
Is it true even if company sells digital products (online courses).

Your experience would be very useful!

Thanks a lot

I think yes - I am doing this exact research myself right now - for another country. The Estonian government has written guides about that (in fact I would not have applied for the e-residency have I read them beforehand). Check:

I guess it all comes down to how much you wanna risk and how meticulous you think the country you live in is with audits.

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Thanks for these articles. Indeed, it seems that being in Estonia is the best solution when having a OƜ company.