VAT on your lawyers fee?

Hi All,

Had a pretty good look on forum here and couldn’t find the answer.

If I’m outside Portugal and receiving the legal advice for my GV application, is the lawyer required to charge Portuguese VAT on their fees ?

I don’t think so.
If you are residing outside the EU then VAT may not be charged.
I had this question when I paid to my property surveyor in PT and he ended up not charging the VAT.

Just one thing to make sure is that the address written on the invoice must be outside portugal for you. You can transfer funds from within Portugal bank also.

No, I never paid VAT on my lawyer´s fees.
Fees will not be subject to VAT when they are issued to non-EU individuals or companies, so as long as your address (on the invoice) is outside EU there is no VAT due (for legal services).

Can I ask if that means I don’t need to pay VAT to my property management, if I’m a non-EU resident and currently living outside of Portugal? Thanks!