What is going on?

I have a german bank and am trying to transfer money to my offshore Tickmill broker - and I can’t. IBAN doesn’t work and cards doesn’t work. Are there some “wall” set up because it’s offshore?
I asked the bank and “they didn’t know anything” :joy:
I’m going through Coinbase instead, but can only transfer less than 1000 usd at a time.

It feels like everything is locking down, tightening governments grip on people, not letting us do what we want with OUR OWN money!

Anybody knows what’s going on?



I’ve heard good reports about this EMI working well as a “buffer” between landed banks and less conventional financial services (even crypto exchanges):

p.s. about the original question, I think you answered it already: “tightening the grip” is exactly “what is going on” :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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These are the guys who “know what’s going on” and who are determined to outlaw anything allowing people like us to circumvent their strategies for complete capital control. This paper helps one understand how they’re accomplishing it:

On some other forums there is more discussion of how to circumvent those blocks, as well as comparative reviews of EMIs and friendly jurisdictions which support more economic freedom. But I don’t know if it would be in the spirit of this forum to link to other forums in that way (maybe with a moderator’s permission?) :thinking:


Hey, can you send me a private message at least? :slight_smile:

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