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(dreaman) #1

Sup Well i wanted to open dis Topic becouse i was working 7 years with all banks worldwide on highest cyber development inside bank systems and i can tell for example on 2008 there was so terible situation about bank cyber security that there was needed very big work on it. Lets say wellsfargo if u want to login to ur acc u need just login n pw nothing more lol feel free to ask me any questions regarding to it. Luv to all

(Thomas K. Running) #2

Interesting! I know many US banks at least used to have terrible security. It’s not that many years ago that Charles Schwab had a max character limit for their passwords of 8 characters.

Do you have any experience on the inside from other countries than the US?

(dreaman) #3

Well uk banks security is higher level then us…

(dreaman) #4

Well i can say tht bitcoin is really safe money now,becouse if i want to hack for example 7k€ bitcoin it wil cost to me 13bln$. But i can do it easilly n fast anywhays. Cheers. Luv 2 all :star_struck: