Which Fintech bank to wire money to Madagascar?


I’m French and I plan to open a company in Estonia for my affiliation business.

I only make something like 7K profit / month before tax… So after tax and accounting I’m only left with around 3K. I hope an Estonian company would help me pay a little less taxes and not have a headache with all the accounting/administrative nonsense I have to deal with.

Anyway, I’m working with several freelancer from Madagascar and I need to be able to keep paying them after moving my company to Estonia.

I tried to look around for a good Fintech bank that allows to wire money to Madagascar but I couldn’t find one.

Anyone had success finding one? Could you recommend one to me please? Thanks a lot!

I’ve just encountered Winglio.com. Haven’t tried them, but they look interesting.
Out of registration in Ireland and Malaysia, they allow for use of their registered companies on a rental basis. At your level of income, they would save you administrative time and costs, plus allow you to receive funds in more flexible ways.

Malaysia has a island with a lot of people use because you don’t pay tax at all… not the best time to visit it, but maybe something that you can keep in mind !


Winglio is not a Fintech, It’s a “rent a company” kind of service.

And, Malaysia is a coutry, not a Fintech either.

Anyway, for those having the same question as I had, Payoneer seems to be one of the best choices to wire money to madagascar.