Will banks/IRS accept address that is NON-CMRA but identified as commercial address?

I just went over the “non-CMRA virtual mailboxes in us” article. I found that some addresses are identified as non-CMRA but they are also identified as commercial address. Can I use them as my personal residential/mailing address so that it is accepted by (a) Banks, (b) IRS for tax filing, (c) Miscellaneous legal purposes?

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Hi could anyone be kind enough to respond to this?

See this for what the RDI is and what it’s used for:

In short: Probably it’ll be fine, but YMMV.


Thank you. Can these addresses be used to file personal taxes with IRS?

Also can these addresses be used as official address for financial institutions like banks, brokerages?

You can use them for the IRS . All the IRS is worried about is being able to contact you . Even if you have an online IRS account they will 99% of the time contact you by mail and usually give 30 days to respond . Hence a scan service is good to have . The IRS will hardly ever ever call by phone .

Banks are trickier . I am looking for the answer to this as well .

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