Working for a UK company but wanting to live in Portugal on a Dutch passport

So I have a mixed bag and am not sure what the best option is or kind of where to start.

  1. I have a Dutch & UK Passport.
  2. My current tax home is the UK.
  3. I am currently working for a UK company on PAYE.
  4. I very recently bought a property here in Portugal, but would now like to live here most of the year.

So, I am perfectly legal to stay in Portugal on my Dutch passport but will need to register soon.

I was reading into NHR: NHR Portugal - The complete guide to the non-habitual resident regime

From my reading there are 2 options regarding income:

  1. Become a contractor for the company I am working for and then essentially do my own tax return in Portugal and sort out my own social contributions (but I cannot find what this would cost)
  2. Request the company I work for sets up a Portuguese office and sort out my tax requirements here in Portugal for me.

Is there another option available? and does anyone have any information on what the social contributions would be?