Younger applicants before kids - questions about future and escape routes

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I’m early 30s USA. Went through the process with Henley started late June 23. Invested in Ponte do Vau mid July and applications uploaded and confirmed early August. I’m aware I’m likely sitting on 2-3 year wait for cards. Few questions.

We don’t have kids yet but how or can you add them later on even if the program’s routes are closed? Would it make more sense just to wait till citizenship then apply directly then? Anyone go through something like this?

Secondly wondering if anyone has ever successfully pulled from a mercan deal? Read the contract seems like you can pull with a penalty? May do Malta if things get weird.

The new law keeps the Family Reunification in place so you can add your kids and/or future spouse to the application at any time. If you have kids after you have citizenship their citizenship is easy. There are a number of threads which discuss if kids need to be on a GV application to get citizenship and it’s not a clear answer.

The first round of Mercan investors have just started reaching citizenship so we should hear more soon. There’s a Mercan dedicated private group which would likely have better information on this.

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I’ve read somewhere that if at least one of the parents has the valid resident card and live in Portugal at least 1 year, then the child can obtain the portuguese citizenship at birth. You can check this with the lawyer on this matter.

Jones, I also invested in the same project within the same period that you have mentioned. I am also waiting though.

That’s correct.