24 hour rule in PT

So my attorney says that I need to be in PT for 24 hours for each day claimed. I go to Europe a lot for work and can head to Lisbon Friday evening, but flights back to the US are in the morning on Sunday. Does this only count as one day?

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In the past I asked the same question to my lawyers, I believe in practice there might be no black or white type of a practice, e.g. some might simply do the calculation of

  • departure date-arrival date= X days type of a calculation (e.g. Jul 20-Jul 10=10 days)
  • and some might be picky about the full days spent in between (9 days in this case)…
  • one can actually argue that both days of travel might count → 11 days for the case above

As this is open to interpretation I wanted to remain on the safe side and spent 14 full days in between arrival and departure days… After so much effort and resoureces spent, I believe not spending one or two days does not realy worth the risk.


That’s where I come out too. USA has a rule that as long as you are there for any part of a day, it counts. Did not see that or something similar with Portugal.

I remember lawyers also saying that the trip for renewal biometrics, can count towards your residence for the previous permit (the one that will be renewed). But I didn’t see any confirmation about that in the law. Certainly if you can do renewal biometrics before your permit is expired it would be expected, but that seems very unlikely these days.

Do what MrE says. If necessary enter Portugal 14 times for two nights. And then do one more visit to be sure.


Thanks everyone. My attorney has come back and only full days count in her opinion. Therefore a Friday to Sunday is one day. I have been doing a lot of there kinds of trips on my way to other European work destinations. I thought I was at 16 days but actually now at 10. Argh!