Entering Portugal for the first time after receiving my Golden Visa

Hi all, I’ll be visiting Lisbon next week for the first time after receiving my residence card. I intend to be there from the 3rd-17th of Feb. I have three questions:

(1) Is there anything specific I need to do to enter the country as a GV resident or do I simply show my residence card at immigration?
(2) Will these dates count as 15 days or 13 days - does it include the entry and exit dates?
(3) Do I need to do anything while I’m in Portugal to ‘record’ my stay there?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @tommigun! Appreciate the information.

I am also curious to know about whether the entry and exit dates also count as 2 days or excluded from the days count?

Everyone trying to narrow it down to an exact number of minutes required on the ground should just stay a couple extra days and stop worrying.


Right? I realize it can be an inconvenience but really, don’t cut it as close as you can. The marginal costs of an extra few days are minimal

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Just be sure to use your NIF number and get printed receipts for every day you’re in Portugal (and make purchases). I got lazy on a recent trip and had to scramble to get my hotel to reissue receipts with the NIF on it. I have a fistful of receipts but without the NIF number they don’t qualify for purposes of demonstrating time in country.

Someone else pointed out that NIF on receipts doesn’t help with proving time in country, as it would be pretty easy for someone else to use your number. You need boarding passes, hotel bookings etc.

I was able to extract my geo-location data history from Google maps based on my mobile phone location history for the days I was in Portugal. Then I generated a chronological report showing the coordinates and city location translation from this data. I printed this data report out and then had the report apostilled. I think this is pretty good proof of stay, and my lawyer thought it could help.