If you fly to Portugal via another Schengen country, can you exit/enter Schengen zone in Lisbon just to get a stamp?

Just wondering, suppose you fly to Lisbon on KLM. You would first get stamped as entering Schengen in Amsterdam, and since the subsequent flight is a “domestic” Schengen flight they will not stamp you at Lisbon.

But while at the airport, could you cross from the Schengen side to the international side, effectively “exiting” the Schengen zone, and then go back through immigration to be stamped as entering Portugal, to have more documentary proof that you visited Portugal specifically?

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I think doing this would just confuse people more, though this is just a guess.

Buy something with your NIF, take selfies, etc if you want to stack proof imo

I doubt this would work…
If you went out & back thru immigration at Schipol it would be a Dutch stamp. And you wouldn’t be able to do the same in LIS without a boarding card for an international (non-Schengen) departure that day, and missing the flight on purpose?

just curious, everyone can apply whatever NIF on their purchase. Someone can fake presence in Portugal by asking another person to buy stuff using their NIF. How SEF will be able to tell if an receipt is fake or not?

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Maybe they can, maybe they can’t, but the risk benefit analysis really says you shouldn’t lie to the government. The GV stay requirements are so minimal and easy to fulfill, why risk your criminal record (and eventual citizenship) just to avoid a 2 week stay every 2 years?


If you just want proof that you visited Portugal, just keep the boarding pass. SEF accepted it as proof in my case at my biometrics appointment.


To be clear I believe they always ask for proof of how you entered Portugal for biometrics, at least

Towards the end of 2024 when ETIAS goes live, passports will no longer be stamped for third country nationals entering the EU. It will start to have to be other means of proof (such as boarding cards) as evidence of entry into PT.

What are they looking for at this point?
Since you’re obviously in PT (because you attended the appointment) and you’re permitted to be there (because you applied you the GV)

Don’t ask me. All I know is they asked for it

You still need a Schengen visa if you’re not from a visa waiver country.

If you’re in Portugal illegally you can’t just apply for GV and rectify your status without leaving the country first.

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We were advised to keep boarding passes as proof of entry into PT. We are also entering via AMS.

Keep inbound and outbound boarding passes. Buy two or three things a day using your NIF and a debit or credit card, the last digits of which also appear on the receipt. Do something where your name gets on receipt also. Hotel, car rental, reserved seat on bus. All GV family members do same thing. Digitise everything every day using a phone app or similar. Few people arrive in Schengen zone with Portugal as first point of entry.