Evidence of Entry for GV application

Does anyone have experience applying for GV without prior entry to Portugal? The SEF requirements document below says that Evidence of entry and legal stay in the National Territory" is required for GV application, but with the current pandemic we’re trying to manage everything remotely and will only travel to PT for biometrics. Please share your experience! Thank you!

As I understand it, that PDF from SEF gives you the full list of required docs, but it does not tell you at which point of the process they will be required.
In this example, you may not have the ‘evidence of entry’ at the time of the initial online submission, but you must present it at your subsequent biometric appointment.
Furthermore, when you register yourself on the SEF portal , you will see the same list of documents but some marked as ‘mandatory’ while others not, probably for the same reason.

Btw I am having fun with this requirement as well, as the only such ‘evidence’ I will be able to show is a faint border control stamp in my passport :slight_smile:

I’ve never been to Portugal during the GV process, everything was arranged remotely by the law firm. Now we are planning to travel for biometrics, and valid Schengen or national Portuguese visa with the stamp from the port of entry is sufficient proof that you entered legally and stay legally in PT.

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Yes, and I have just checked - the SEF portal list does not have this evidence marked as ‘mandatory’ for initial submission.


Thank you so much, @tommigun and @w00zle - this makes a lot of sense! Appreciate your help!!

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Does anyone have experience with the SEF requirement for a medical insurance for Golden Visa? Is getting a medical insurance mandatory if we’re not planning to move to Portugal at this time?

Not a lot of experience with the Canadian GV. :slight_smile: For PT GV, insurance is not required if you are not planning to move immediately. Insurance is required when you actually are boots-on-ground.

Sorry of course I meant Portugal LOL. Thank you for your response @jb4422