Ability to change your email address

Hey Thomas, thanks for running (no pun intended) this place! For some reason the facility to change my email address is disabled.

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Hey, yes that’s so your account on the forum and on the main Nomad Gate site will stay in sync. Just send me a PM if you’d like to change it and I’ll help you out :slight_smile:

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Thomas, I don’t quite get your logic here.

For one, most forums and sites allow the user to manually change his or her email address in case he or she is unable to access his or her old email. It’s a reasonable practice.

For two, yes, I see there is a register and log in function on the main Nomad Gate site, but the site doesn’t give me any reason or incentive why should I sign up there as well.

I see the incentive here, it’s an interactive forum, this is clear. But what about the main site? It’s a mystery.

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Thanks for your feedback, I totally agree! However, let me try to explain again why it’s currently the way it is.

The main site signup/login is primarily for the newsletter and you get access to a few different things on the main site as well (direct contact options, no more newsletter promos etc). It’s really one account (when registering here you’re also registered on the main site), but for now it’s technically two different ways of logging in.

As mentioned, the only reason you can’t change your email yourself is that I would have to make sure it’s also updated in the main database, and for now Discourse doesn’t offer a practical webhook for doing so.

Definitely! As mentioned, just PM me and I’ll update it for you :slight_smile:

It’s my intention to better integrate the sites in the future, but that will probably involve migrating the main site from Github Pages to Firebase, and rewrite a bunch of stuff, and figuring out if I can somehow get Firebase working as SSO for Discourse. All of which takes time, which I don’t have at the moment.

I wanted to update this topic as it has been possible to change your email address yourself for the past year, just in case anyone wondered :slight_smile:

You do that in your preferences.