Maintaining your privacy here 👻

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Hi all! I just wanted to make a quick announcement to explain the privacy features of the forum :eyes:

While most topics discussed here should be completely fine to discuss in an open forum, I understand that some topics or certain pieces of information is of a more sensitive nature.

So here’s how you can maintain your privacy while discussing freely:

  • Any topic posted in the “The Private Lounge :eyes:” sub-forum is only accessible to logged in members, so will not be indexed by search engines anyone else
  • While using your real name and profile picture is encouraged, pseudonyms are totally fine :sunglasses:, but see the next point:
  • For the occasional anonymous post or reply, you can use the built in “Anonymous mode”. :ghost: Here’s how:

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This is what an anonymous post looks like :slightly_smiling_face:

Who posted it? You wouldn’t know… :woman_shrugging:

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To exit “Anonymous Mode”, just click here:

:warning: But note that after you exit, you will no longer be able to edit your anonymous posts. They are completely separate from your main account, and the next time you want to post anonymously a new anonymous account will be created for you. :warning:

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While there is no obvious way, even for admins, to link your temporary anon-account to your real one, in case of abuse admins (i.e. @tkrunning) could do some data forensics (looking at logs, etc) to deduce who’s behind a particular anonymous account (the same way for example Reddit could do the same).

Other users have absolutely no way of knowing.

And in an effort to combat spamming and other abuse, you need to reach “trust level 1” to get access to Anonymous Mode. You reach higher trust levels by being active in the community. If you joined as a “Pioneer” you should automatically have access to the feature. :tada:

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If you’re a new member, and for some reason need access to anon-mode to share something sensitive, just shoot me a DM and I’ll manually enable it for you. :raised_hands:

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