Seeking BETA testers: Get your own address! 💌

(Thomas K. Running) #1

I purchased the domain a little while ago, and I figured I would create a simple email forwarding service for the Nomad Gate community. :mage:

While I haven’t decided how much (if anything) to charge for the service in the future, anyone who joins the beta will get to keep their address free of charge.

Leave a comment below Click here if you’d like to get your own address :rocket:

(Thomas K. Running) #2

(Joana) #3

Already have mine. Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Duncan White) #4

Hi Thomas,

Sounds good. Yes, I would like in to this.

Weissman Logistics

(Hein Kuenen) #5

Yes, I would like that. Can I pick what my address would be?

(Thomas K. Running) #6

@Hein My initial idea is to keep the address the same as your username here on Nomad Gate. Would hein at nomad dot email work for you?

(Hein Kuenen) #7

Yep, that would be perfect even :slight_smile:

(Gert Meleqi) #9

Hi there, if there’s still left, I’d like to have one.

(Máté Homolya) #10

I love the idea! I’d like to have one too. :blush:

(Jon Roberts) #11

Yep - I’d like one too please but perhaps not my username if that’s possible?

(Thomas K. Running) #12

Sure, as long as it doesn’t conflict with anyone else’s username that’s fine :slight_smile:

Just shoot me a PM with your preferred address and I’ll get you sorted!

(Mario) #13

Sweet, count me in as well :slight_smile:

(Anasse El Haji) #14

want to have one :slight_smile:

(Christa Romano) #15

Pick me, pick me!

(Pentti Eskil Ruuth) #16

I’d like to have one too, please.

(Liliana) #17

Me, me, pick me! :wink:

(Blonde) #18


what about adding end to end encrypted darknet hosted email to this :slight_smile:

(Thomas K. Running) #19

Hey @Blonde — end to end encrypted email would only work between users of the same email provider (like Protonmail) or if users manage their own PGP keys. There’s no point in trying to compete with that—there are already good solutions for that on the market.

This is a simple forwarding service. The emails aren’t stored long term (just a few seconds for processing), and are encrypted while being processed on the server. The provider I use for this is based in Switzerland :switzerland:, servers there etc. They delete logs hourly. As far as a forwarding service goes, I think that’s pretty much as privacy minded you’ll find :slight_smile:

Do you also want an address?

(Captain BBJ) #20

Yes i like the idea very much and would like to participate in the beta testing.

(Deniz B. Turan) #21

yes please :slight_smile: Keep me in the loop!