Seeking BETA testers: Get your own address! 💌

(Gustaf) #22

Yes I wouldn’t mind one please :sunglasses:

(Andrei Radulescu) #23

Yes please :rocket:

(Trina) #24

Yes please! I’d like one.

(Thomas K. Running) #25

I’ve created a form to make it easier to claim an address.

To get your own address, just click here (and make sure you’re logged in). :rocket::robot:

To learn how to send emails from your address using Google’s SMTP servers, click here.

Let me know if you’re facing any issues!

(Blonde) #26


This is an excellent service. I think this will cost you money, so I don’t want it free. I’m ok thanks. Thanks for all these forum and advice offering here.

Regarding 100% of your privacy line protecting mail matter, proton mail is not darknet hosted, so its not 100% secure in my standard, as this will make it traceable to you. I think its one of the best in all the market considering above average privacy level. I just thinking, if these privacy services/app/software’s, can be breakable for authorities, so what is the point of buying them, while some agencies in the world whom funded by public fund and tx return of innocent and unaware people(a.k.a.a. N~S~A a~gency), can break into them whenever they want it. what a shame, what era we are living now…

(Jay Dax) #27

I clicked the link for one but not sure if i got it…

(Thomas K. Running) #28

@J_J the email address you tried to register is reserved to the user with the corresponding username on Nomad Gate, so it wasn’t registered.

I had an error in my code, so the message telling you what happened wasn’t sent when you first tried to register. But I fixed my code now, and you should have received the PM now explaining why you couldn’t register that email and how to make sure you pick an allowed email address.

(Caspar Helmer) #29

The form to get a forwarding email address works like a champ!

(TF) #30

@tkrunning Great idea :+1: Sign up worked fine for me but the confirmation email and a subsequent test email sent to the new address (which never arrived) suggests you might have a bug handling plus addressing ( ?

(Thomas K. Running) #31

The provider I’m using for the forwarding service isn’t the most stable. Sometimes emails take quite long to arrive. But it should support plus addressing.

Unfortunately there aren’t any other affordable, privacy focused services like this, but I’m following an open source project that might be close to adding the required functionality.

Edit: actually you’re right, it’s the signup form that converts the plus to a space. I’ll see if I can get the bug fixed and let you know.

(Amine Cheikh) #32

Count me iiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ! If the offer is still up haha :smiley: