Advice on potugal tax office


I used NIF online to get my NIF number & correspondence, however my 1yr with them is up & they’re wanting payment to renew. If I understand correctly, you no longer need a representative as you can do all the communications online. I dont have access to the Financas portal, I never recieved login info for this. Can anyone advise how I can organise this so I dont have to pay for a representative?

I can share the email resposne from NIF online when asking about this

This guide from Bordr explains the steps in detail:

However, you’ll need access to Portal das Finanças. You’ll have to ask NIF Online to provide this. This might take some time if they didn’t already request access for you in the past.

Also note that the electronic notifications aren’t activated immediately. The guide I linked to above explains this in detail, but in short if you request electronic notifications now (before Nov 10) they will be activated on Dec 1. If you request from Nov 11 onwards it’ll activate on Jan 1, and so on.

In other words, it may be too late to avoid paying the next yearly fee if you haven’t already started the process of activating the electronic notifications.