Issue with cancelling tax representation

Issue description

Hi - I contracted to obtain my NIF for Portugal using a coupon you had posted on your site, I paid the required sum and obtained my NIF. I subsequently retained the services of a different Portuguese company and have gone through the process. However, is now sending me threatening emails stating that I am forced to continue to retain their services and accusing me of fraud because I contracted with a different company. I want to alert you to this matter and hope that you will dissuade anybody from using their services. They are unscrupulous and clearly prey upon foreign nationals like myself.

Steps tried (optional)

Yes. I have emailed them several times explaining that I no longer require their services. They have stated that I am not allowed to do this, that I am technically forced to use them or engage another legal entity to remove their representation, thereby incurring further costs. Your recommendation was to use them precisely because it would not incur additional cost, and would enable people like me to obtain the NIF remotely.

Have you added this other company as your tax representative in Portal das Finanças? Unless you sign up for electronic notifications you cannot remove your tax representative unless you’re replacing them with another company or person, or you are moving to Portugal/EU.

I’m not super familiar with the steps as I’ve never had to do this myself, but here’s a useful step-by-step guide for adding your new representative:

Once done, you should be able to download a “Certidão” which you can provide NIF Online with to cancel your representation.

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Just to share FWIW, I had no problem whatsoever with NIFOnline on any of my multiple NIFs managed by them. I no longer use their representation now, but had no issues in phasing out their contract and changing my details with AT.

Same as @tommigun, I used NIF online in the first two years. When I phasing them out, I had my new Tax Rep to change NIF online to this new Rep in AT portal. That’s all.

Hi Tommy -

How did you do that?

Thanks for this! I never did the password thing - will do so now. I also contracted with a different company and am awaiting my residency card.

As I said I had multiple NIFs with NIFOnline, so for some of them I enabled the electronic notification and informed NIFonline that the rep service is no longer needed.
For some others I simply moved the address to Portugal so again, rep service was no longer needed.
For the latter I followed the guidance shared above.

Hi -
I’ve realized that the pw was sent to them not to me, and I cannot obtain it from NIFOnline they are refusing to respond to my emails. I cannot change the tax representative (I do not feel comfortable working with these people!) without the pw… any advice?


Thanks for that, Tommy - I will look through it!