Portugal NIF for dual citizens

I a have dual citizenship with USA and Ireland but reside in US. I plan to move to Portugal. I understand that EU citizens can apply for a NIF # without an intermediary. Is this true for me since I reside in the US and not Ireland? I will be in Portugal in June for a scouting trip. I’d like to secure my NIF in advance so I may open a bank account while I’m there (NIF required to do so). I greatly appreciate your guidance.
Many thanks!

you would need your residential address in the EU, which you will also need access to in order to receive post.
To be honest, unless you already reside in PT, it would be much easier to obtain your NIF via intermediary. It is cheap, fast, and convenient.

Thank you, Tommy! I suspected that an EU address was needed but wasn’t sure. I thought I could easily save about $200.
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Hi Eileen,

The cheapest option we’ve found is with Nifonline for 59.90 (+ VAT). Many of our community members have used them. Their current processing time is 7 days on average. You’ll also get an additional 10% off if you use the code “nomadgate” at checkout.

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Hi Hanna,

It is so kind of you to take the time to respond. I’m going to look into nifonline. What’s unclear to me is if I need to hire an intermediary. I am a dual citizen with Ireland but I reside in USA. I’ve read that an EU address is needed to obtain the NIF on your own.

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Hi Eileem,

People in the EU/EEA can apply on their own. If you reside outside the EU, you need a tax representative for NIF. This is included in the price with Nifonline.

Many thanks, Hanna!

I applied through nifonline as you suggested and used the code. In one year, if I am not yet residing in Portugal, do they charge a renewal fee to continue on as a fiscal representative? This wasn’t addressed on the website.

Thank you for your kind assistance!


Yes, they would charge an annual fee until you cancel their services.

Thank you!

Hi Tommy,

I wonder if you can help me. I applied for my nif through nifonline. The final step is to sign my declaration. There are no specific instructions on how to do this though they say “follow the instructions”. The first time, I entered an electronic signature in the fillable text box, saved the file as a pdf and uploaded it as I had my passport and electric bill. That was not accepted - though the reason why was not stated. Next, I printed the form, signed it, took a photo and submitted it as a pdf. Again this was not accepted. The last time, I filled in my middle name in the fillable form as this is included on my passport. This was not accepted. I was sent the attached email this morning. They are irritated with me. I have asked for an explanation of what to do - and what not to do. I entered my detailed inquiry regarding exact instructions in English and Portuguese. But none of my emails were referenced. Just another email advising me to follow the directions.

Do you know how this should be done?

Many thanks for your help!


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The signature must be same as the one on your passport. Subsequently NIFonline will schedule a lawyer call via video and you will be asked to hold your passport in front of the video cam. The lawyer will verify your signature against the actual one on your passport.

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Ah! That might be the issue. While my passport includes my middle name, my signature does not include the name. Given the instructions to sign my name as listed on the passport, I signed it with my middle name.

I will again print the form, sign it to match my passport signature and upload it as a pdf. Is that correct?

I really appreciate your help!


Pls ensure you use same signature on the declaration form as on your passport.
Same also applieed to my separate bank account opening experience.

Thank you, Roger!
Shall I print, sign, take photo, create pdf and upload?

As Roger said, you need to physically sign their declaration with the signature exactly matching your signature in your passport.

And yes, after signing you scan to pdf and upload to Nifonline.

Yes, they will be my fiscal representative. I have an Irish passport but reside in the USA. I resent it (for the 4th time). I hope I don’t get another angry email tomorrow morning. :slight_smile:
Thanks, Rui