AIMA change Residencies appointments

Hi All

We have been given automatic appointments to get our residency card at AIMA in Portugal.
We are unable to attend on the given dates, we have emailed numerous time’s over the last 2 weeks but don’t get any responses . We have also sent messages Via the website.
Has anyone had the misfortune happen to them and Can anyone advise how we go about getting these appointments changed

Thanks Lisa

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In my personal experience, it is not possible to interact with SEF (and probably AIMA) by email. I’ve heard rumors of people reaching them by phone now and then, but only rumors.

You might (or might not) be able to cancel an appointment by waiting in the information line at the Picoas AIMA office in Lisbon. I think they’re open from 10:30 to noon and 2 to 4 on business days.

With regards to GVs, the strong consensus emerging from two years of NomadGate postings is that you should not miss your appointment, especially for golden visas. Several people have gotten stuck in limbo for years after missing appointments, and have had to file lawsuits to get things moving again. I don’t know whether it would be possible to unstick such cases by visiting the aforementioned AIMA information line at the Picoas office; nobody has mentioned trying that.

Other visas like the D7 go through different administrative processes. I haven’t seen any postings about how things go after missing a D7 appointment, so I have no knowledge to share.


Hi Lisa - we have a similar situation. can you tell us what you were able to find out about changing the dates? thank you so much!