Cancellations at SEF

Does anyone know if it was possible to go to the SEF office and wait for a golden visa no show? Is this a possibility, has anyone done it?

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I think that’s what people were doing before the year’s end, I’m also curious if that’s still an option. I’m watching the pot boil, so to speak, waiting on my preapproval but am able to fly into Portugal with about a day’s notice. I would totally camp out for a few mornings in hopes of a cancelation!

That is the attitude of a winner. I have seen several people succeed based on flexibility in travel schedules. It was actually somewhat common to pick up cancellations up until early December . I just dont think you can pick up appointments any longer without a password or appointment but I am not sure. So it might be that cancellations are showing up but there is no way to book them. I dont want to poke around for fear of messing up my existing schedule.

Thanks for the reply’s. With last minute appointments, did people in the past wait till the midnight cancellation on the website and then book or did the just arrive and wait for a no show and hope to be seen.
I think my best chance would be to be at sef when someone doesn’t arrive and hope to be seen. Is this possible or do they have rules against it, such as the system not allowing walk-ins….

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I have been looking for an appointment and I have been able to find one for the next day or next month or ever. Nothing at all.
I will just have to try my luck when I’m there and hope for the best.

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I think what was done in the past is irrelevant now. There is some rare chance you could show up and be allowed to be seen at SEF but I would guess that would be a one in a million chance. In other words, good luck with that.

SEF can in theory do whatever they want. I have seen and heard of it, but I suppose that lucking into such a case is not so likely.


I did my biometrics last year at SEF. There is a crowd outside the office. I had an appointment, my lawyer was by my side. We were made to wait 50 mins before being allowed inside the lobby. A security guard screens the crowd. So showing up at an office hoping for a cancellation, being allowed to walk pass the door AND be seen by a an agent is very unlikely.

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Your lawyer should be able to watch for cancellations for you. When we did our biometrics this past summer, it was only possible because our lawyer watched the appointments site like a hawk. The first evening we were in-country we got a call from her at about 10pm, asking if we wanted an 8am Lisbon appointment… but we thought it unlikely we would sober up early enough to make the drive from the Algarve. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::crazy_face:The next day, she called a bit earlier with a mid-day Lisbon appointment which we took.
Then a day later, another evening call and we did a dash to Porto and our biometrics were done.
Elapsed time: 4 days.
Thanks, Vanessa, we couldn’t have done it without you !!


Could you please share the contact of your lawyer :pray:

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Vanessa has her own firm. Contact Vanessa Rodrigues Lima


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Thank you so much :smiling_face: Always a pleasure!! :grin: