AIMA Portal Status

Anyone can advise on a similar status from their ARI portal? How far am I get from getting my residency card? I got to this screen after clicking on the euro sign.

Biometrics were done on January 2023 in Lisbon office.

You are pre-approved and have done biometrics. You are waiting for final approval, and then you pay and wait for your physical cards to arrive.

We have a thread for each stage, I recommend you check there first

I have done biometrics but have not paid yet, but my screen says something totally different…?

AFAIK that page does not update after you’ve done biometrics, only when you get to final approval

Can someone provide the URL for the AIMA Portal? I have not been able to find it, including on their main website. Obrigado

I think this is supposed to be the link:
But it looks like their site is down or not working at the moment.

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Try this: Autenticação

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