How do I know my GV application status?


In the light of recent announcements I’m trying to understand the status of my GV application - is anyone able to advise what status would define my case?
Here are the facts - i applied for the GV online in December 21…i an received an electronic response a few days later to say the application is “Situação do Requerimento Em análise”. …(I did a capital transfer through a Portuguese bank).
Is the next step now “pre-approved”…I’ve been in my current status for over a year - is that usual?

FYI- I already moved to Lisbon and travel in & out on UK passport without problems but have nothing to prove my status

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If when you go to the ari portal you get something that says “Application accepted” or “Candidatura Aceite” you are pre-approved.

The next step is getting a biometrics appointment - those should become available in the coming months for you (and me, I’m in a similar position to you). Your lawyer should jump on booking appointments as soon as they are available. Talk with them about the specifics

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Thank you for replying.
The latest status seems to still be ‘under analysis’ ;(
I guess I still have to wait ( and hope the rules aren’t changed retrospectively) :pray:t4:

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You’re waiting with the other people in this thread SEF Pre-Approval : Sharing Status - #859 by ohbee

If you know your date more accurately, you can figure out how soon you can expect pre-approval based on who else is getting preapproval. But it’s a bit mixed up, some folks seem to get preapproval faster than others on the same date.