Airfare Deals 2021

Ok Folks! Travel is back on! Lets Go!

San Francisco to Lisbon Portugal $351 RT Airfares on United Airlines BE or Air Canada (Flexible Ticket Travel June - October 2021)

United Airlines, along with codeshare Star Alliance partner Air Canada have round trip airfares travelling from San Francisco (SFO) to Lisbon Portugal (LIS) for $351, making 1 stop, both ways. These are basic economy fares where you’re only allowed a personal item that fits under the seat (no use of overhead bin). These are flexible-change tickets though.

Travel Availability:
Departs SFO: June 2-30; July 1-31; Aug 1-31; Sept 1-30; Oct 1-23
Returns: wide and great availability returns


Are you saying Portugal is now open to tourists coming in on USA passports for vacation???

wide availability because almost no one can go :frowning:

this is true but both Spain and Portugal really need tourists. Already chatter about opening up mid-May. By june-July I predict they will be open for tourists who are vaccinated or willing to quarantine at the least.

Assuming the COVID variants become a problem, I don’t imagine that we will go through this same thing all over again. At some point, the world needs to accept that COVID19 will be with us and find a way to isolate the vulnerable populations.