Any recommendations for law firms for GV

I’m starting my golden visa process for Portugal. Does anyone have recommendations for a good law firm they’ve used and had a positive experience? Appreciate any pointers.


So far I can only tell you which ones to avoid :cowboy_hat_face:
Feel free to DM me.

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@sfv feel free to DM me as well if you want another opinion. I have experience of several firms both big and small. Happy to give a recommendation.

@sfv Hired a GV Attorney? Share Your Experience!

We highly recommend Vanessa Lima. She has her own firm and gives tailored personalized service for your specific needs and and is super responsive and saved us literally months in getting us set up for our biometrics because she stayed on top of the appointment site to get us into the system. Feel free to DM me for her contact information.

Whatever you do, try to sitck to a fixed charge for the entire process (as oposed to paying an hourly rate), and pay attention to the payment details, try to pay as little as possible in advance.


Happy to share my experience with the lawyer, both good and not so good. Feel free to DM.

So far only positive experience:
Pedro Guerreiro

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Would you mind sharing her contact details via PM?

Many thanks.