Hired a GV Attorney? Share Your Experience!

I’d like to ask those who have actually hired attorneys to share information on their experience with them so far. There’s no shortage of attorneys offering GV services but I’d like to hear from people with actual, first hand experience.

Please consider providing:
Where in the GV process you are
Whether you’re open to further conversation to discuss in more detail


I’d recommend Irina Akhmetova from Lisbon. She has quite some experience and in our case which has multiple unknowns and tricky points she easily got it all done with attitude “we’re good, no problems”, while three other attorneys I contacted had the attitude “if it’s not 100% clear I don’t care and don’t guarantee anything”. Link to her website.
Our timeline was highly affected by corona - I’ve bought the properties in February 2020, applied online in March, we got the opportunity to schedule the meeting in August, interview was in November, just now in early February 2021 our case was reviewed and we’ll get our cards soon.

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