Which lawyer firm is trustworthy for GV in 2022?

I went through an agent to get an overview of the different investment options. Afterwards my lawyer advised me to change the direction of my investment. I did so and this apparently generated a complication between them. As a result, the lawyer is now constantly late…

Could you tell me which law firms are trustworthy today?


No doubt you would have looked at the following threads on law firms for GV? A lot of good advice and sometimes those with very positive recommendations request a PM.

Edit: Recent posts are in 2022


ahahah Thanks @Onward !

but already check… I need insights and updated informations on 2022.

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Hi Cyrielle,

We’re working with Vasco Almeida Dias at Lexidy and couldn’t be happier. The GV process is maddening but Vasco is an incredibly calming presence, a great lawyer and wonderful person. We HIGHLY recommend working with Vasco.


Hi Cyrielle, My experience with Pedro Guerreiro was very positive. Some lawyers combine real estate and immigration practice now because of GV and it often not helpful. Mark

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Hi, Can you please PM some names of lawyers/companies who have a good reputation for assisting in GV visas. Thanks.

HI, can you PM Vasco’s contact information? Thank you

I made a consultation with Gentile Law and I was very satisfied with the professionalism, they’re originally from Spain but have covered Portugal for some time now. They are not cheap but I left with a great impression, my consultation was related to another topic in connection with Portuguese passport and Spanish residence so YMMV https://www.gentile.law/

Be careful about individual lawyers , they don’t share details and try to collude with developer for sake of benefit like property agent.