Any reviews/experiences with PassportCard Nomads?

Saw “PassportCard Nomads” promoted at NomadBase Live Croatia, but I can’t find much about them, other than articles about their parent company.

If you’re interested in worldwide health coverage, or if you ever plan to travel to the US, you must choose the COMPLETE PLAN plan. The pricing for that plan isn’t transparent - it’s “starting at $200” and you must talk to their “insurance specialists” to get a quote. Their FAQ page omits many important FAQs (e.g. anything about US travel), and doesn’t link to any full policy. You need to look at the very bottom of the page to find the links to the policies. The FAQ also makes misleading statements vs. the policy, for example “No deductibles, the card pays your medical bill.” vs. the reimbursement level being as low as 60% out of network for the “Compact” subplan (page 24).

Two more odd things about the COMPLETE PLAN:

  1. It says nothing about the maximum length of stay in the US, which every other international health insurance provider limits to 6 months.
  2. It has two pricing tables, “GLOBAL” and “WORLDWIDE INCLUDING THE US / INDIVIDUAL”. Presumably “GLOBAL” isn’t entirely global?

To get some answers, I tried using their online chat. While helpful, they didn’t know much, and kept telling me to schedule a call with “the insurance specialists”. I had scheduled a call with them for today at 9am Germany time (midnight mine), through their Calendly link. They sent a confusing confirmation email (“Please select a time slot from the calendar on the right and we look forward to meeting you”), and completely ignored the call. I saw a missed call next morning - they had called at 2am and didn’t leave a voice message, nor did they reply to my emails asking what’s up. This has been the most unprofessional insurance signup process I’ve ever been through (well, tried to go through).

In 18 years of purchasing health insurance, not once did I have to call and talk to someone to get basic information such as the price. Everything was transparent, online. What’s funnier is that PassportCard’s motto is “PassportCard trusts out customers and out customers trust us”:

I for one don’t trust them. When I first posted this, their main company’s website,, was hacked, “BY THE KEY40 FROM ALGERIA”. Here’s a snapshot and a screenshot:

That group (or dude) have been hacking Israeli websites since 2013.

I tried reporting this via the Passport Card Nomad’s online chat, but they were beyond clueless and asked me about my operating system. :person_facepalming:t2: After I sent them a screenshot of the defacement. 🤦🏻‍♂



So far, I’d much rather not give these people my personal and financial information.

Then, their customer service rep tells me this:



UPDATE: their website had been defaced for a longer while, and it seems nobody cared or even noticed. Google picked up the defaced version:

Now it’s been fixed. Apparently the customer service rep eventually gave a :poop: .

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If they would for the least be aware that your business is private and earned MUCH visibility. Are you telling me that there s a chance there would be a loss of privileged informations? I desperately want you to insure my life, my wife ‘s life and my mother ‘s llife. I also will handle you all the informations about my teachers, and yes, I also want you to insure Alexa from Amazon. Cheers!

Hello dandv,

Thank you for the elaborate feedback. I am very sorry that our service and experience did not match your expectations.

I take your comments seriously to further improve the customer journey and train our agents, as we continuously do.

We designed a wide product line to address most of the nomad lifestyles and needs, with the option to be covered globally (including in the US), while also offering more affordable options that exclude some countries. Your comprehensive feedback will help us address areas which may be confusing, and expand the FAQs and other informative areas on our website.

I am sorry for the inconvenience with the communication with our insurance specialist. We are investigating the reason for the delayed call.

Thank you for raising a flag about a hack to a website of one of our group companies. As you’ve noticed this was monitored and quickly fixed.

We are very keen to constantly improve our products and the experience to our customers. I would like to get your feedback first-hand to gain as much insight as possible, and would appreciate it if you could send me your contact details and convenient times for me to contact you.


Kobi Razmovitch
Operations Manager
PassportCard Nomads