Health care and insurance for digital nomads?

Hello guys,

What kind of health insurance do you guys use while living overseas?
I’m a digital nomad who can travel / live around the world without a permanent home location.
I’d like to know how you guys deal with health care, insurance, etc.
are there any companies which offer services to foreign nationals living overseas?
and if they exist, how good are they? I’m planning to renounce my first citizenship after I acquire my CBI citizenship and passport.

Thanks :smiley:

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I personally use MSH International for primary health insurance. I’ve heard good things about them in the past, although I don’t have much first hand experience with their claims department yet.

They are offer quite flexible packages, and you can reduce the price a lot by choosing to omit long-term cover in the more expensive countries such as the US and Hong Kong. You’ll still be covered in such countries for up to 60 days at a time for emergency care (similar to the health benefits of a travel health insurance), with no requirement to return to your “home country” to reset the counter (you’ll just need to leave that “zone”, meaning you have to go to any country where you’re covered for long-term healthcare).

I also recommend choosing a higher yearly deductible (in my case €750). It lowers the annual premium by more than the deductible itself, so it makes no sense to get the no deductible option…

As someone with no ongoing health problems (and in my early 30s) I pay €400/quarter for the Sapphire package with coverage zone 3 (most of the world, except a handful expensive countries where I have no desire to stay long term anyway).

I have also been looking at SafetyWing’s new Remote Health plan (which will be available for individuals very soon—just click the Sign Up button on the landing page and leave your name and email address and they’ll let you know), but haven’t decided yet if it makes sense for me to switch. Pricing seems to be similar, and they offer many of the same great features as MSH (including temporary coverage outside your coverage zone).

I’ve got to admit that I’m a fan of SafetyWing’s mission: To essentially build a country on the internet, or at least replace the kinds of “safety nets” we’re used to in Europe to let nomads and freelancers leave their home countries without giving up the kind of security we take for granted. I hear that long term they are even working on stuff like unemployment/income replacement benefits and pension plans, which I think is awesome!


Thanks! I’ll check MSH International.
They have poor reviews from customers though:

SafetyWing have better customer reviews:

But as you can see, some of their customers have problems with getting promised coverage.
When you’re living overseas, sometimes it’s difficult to prove your documents, etc. And insurance companies don’t want to be responsible.

If you guys have any other suggestion, let me know.

Someone recommended me True Traveller:

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Hi there, after many years purchasing Aetna, MSH, GeoBlue, IMG, etc for my travels and long-term expat living, then becoming a risk management professional representing 25+ of the global carriers I’m now one the founders of Insured Nomads. We have a game-changing int’l medical insurance product called Nomad Health Insurance (Select, Primary+ and Primary plans). I highly recommend you check these out as we have designed them for the globally mobile with many features and aspects you will love, and not find elsewhere. Would love your feedback.


I’d love to learn more. What make your plans unique, or better than, say, MSH which I’m currently with?


Personally I’m using Hansemerkur since about 10 years. They’ve got very low prices (similar to safety wings) and their coverage is excellent, and so far in that price area they were the only ones I’ve found which also cover the so called “extreme” sports like mountain climbing above 4500m etc. which i need ;-).
Unfortunately their page is only in german, so I don’t know if they offer any english support?
If you are swiss, then they won’t allow to book directly (at least ten years ago it was like that), but you can book them anyway, using
So far I’ve never had any problems with claims, besides that it can take up to two months until you receive the money. One of the disadvantages with them is, you can only book them, while you’re still in your “home” country (doesn’t matter that you aren’t registered there).

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Hello, I run an international insurance brokerage with multiple coverage options depending on your needs. Unlike going direct with insurers, we offer you a full claims team and represent multiple carriers (for the same price) to find you the best policy for your unique needs. Using a broker will help act as a buffer between you, the insurer, and hospitals. Insurers can be very difficult to deal with, and doctors can be bad with providing paperwork the insurers are asking for. By using us you will just have to focus on your recovery while we handle talking to the hospitals and insurers to make sure all the paperwork is in order. We file hundreds of claims monthly and know exactly what the insurers are going to ask. , and yes we have multiple providers that will provide coverage for coronavirus for new applicants

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Thanks for your suggestion! but I’m not a German so I can’t use their service :smiley:


I used a broker agency in the UK called Expat Assure who gave me different options of several companies and I ended up signing with WIlliam Russel.
I have been with Medicare, Aetna and Allianz before and all do have their perks.

Good luck



I have been using Safety Wing for the last year and just renewed for a further 12 months.
I was previously with A Euro company in Abu Dhabi and had enhanced coverage for last the 16 years but on leaving them and going Free Lance professional (now for my sins in KSA - Did I upset him above)?, I have needed some good all around medical insurance.
Never needed to claim yet, but the coverage outside my home (which is still UAE) is what I require.
I also have an AIG GOLD Travel Insurance.

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Hi there, I used to use AXA. They are pretty good. But I see there are done great options above too. Your pick. :blush:

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HI there @tkrunning, we would love to do a side-by-side comparison. Can you email your schedule of benefits and policy wording to us? Thank you for the opportunity. Include your plan member ages, region, deductible/co-pay so it can be as accurate of an analysis.
Gratefully, Andrew

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Thanks everyone! If you guys have anything else to recommend, feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

Hi, we using Regent Insurance via - Found it usefull to tall directly with someone. They compared our previous insurance via Worldnomads to Regent and made our choice easy. Worth a try - they have a wide range of products.

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Thanks. Which country do you go to get health care?
I think Johns Hopkins Hospital in Panama looks like a good option. But I’m not sure how much they will charge for non-citizens. In US, if you’re not a citizen, you’ll be ripped off at hospitals.

I had knee surgery in Guadalajara City in Mexico and were very pleased with the quality of the hospitals, doctors and caretakers. First rate scanners, theatres and equipment.


TK. I just realized an email address would be helpful as well. You can send it directly to me via
Strength to you each in this season, Andrew

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I work in an insurance tech company working on the claim product. I know insurance is not something that any of us want to spend any more time on then we absolutely need to but I highly recommend reading the terms and conditions of your insurance as well as the product information sheet. Understand exactly in which cases you are covered and by how much.

:white_check_mark: Especially before you file a claim, make sure that information you provide is covered for. I see claims rejected all the time because of a small difference in wording regarding what is covered and the accident description. :pray:


Hey Guys, what about this company?

Some of you have ever try them?


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I really hate how insurance websites force you to talk to a salesperson…who obviously wants to sell you. Seems if you’re really trying to be for nomads you would give them the choice of doing good self research on your website with very open and clear representations of your product…like for example: explain WHY often against all the promises people in the field run into huge snags and coverage not given or cash required first AND THEN how your amazingly creative new ideas have overcome these so common health insurance blunders or hidden trick policies. Authentically discuss it and why you are different and better.

I say like this because it seems to me insurance always has two faces: Marketing face that wants to give you everything if you’ll sign up/Reality face that will do anything not to pay out money on claims. Overcome that + plus good tech and you’ll soon be billionaire disruptors.