The Ultimate Guide to Primary Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

Just imagine for a second that you are in the middle of a long-term trip abroad. You are not just on holiday; you are a digital nomad with your travel itinerary booked up for months—but you suddenly get seriously ill.

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Congratulations on an excellent article, possibly unique.

One additional point I would raise is please check what hospitals and what doctors are covered. Not easy… I have seen some policies are restrictive - some allow you to go to anyone, some say only in a preapproved emergency and others say you are responsible for any price difference.

I have had patients only eligible in India for unacceptable hospitals in that city or the option to travel hundreds of miles which isnt appropriate

In the US I have had policies that only cover network A of doctors in a hospital but network B is on call

In London we have had only hospital A covered but it doesnt provide that service, and the amount the insurer claims is paid to the approved doctor is so low no doctor will accept that fee and the patient has a massive shortfall.

Finally, as others on this site have pointed out, make sure you can start treatment without delay or too much hassle.

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Have been a ‘Safety Wing’ customer since a few years now (actually all courtesy of your first issue of Nomad Insurance), and am very happy with their service (Not that I have yet had cause to claim).

However, on seeing your tabulated info, it makes me question my own switch on/switch off policy.
They’re aware of my date of birth, and yet the premium is of the ‘cheapo’ version as you described it.

Now I must investigate, and urgently, as I am travelling in 3 weeks.

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I produce TV documentaries all over the world and use ACS for global health/medical insurance. I don’t think, any other plan on your list beats their “Globe Partner” plan/s. Sorry, if you had it on the list and I overlooked it ACS Global. I just renewed my global health insurance for € 511/year (only the home country = country of residence is excluded). And I am not a spring chicken anymore, so my rate is probably higher than for younger folks … If somebody found better options, feel free to respond to my message. All the best, A


Are you sure you have a global expatriate health insurance with them, not a global travel health insurance? It sounds like the latter since it excludes your country of residence.

I asked for a quote in accordance with our 30-year old “Typical Nomad” persona and the quote is for €2,421 per year. That’s in line with the most expensive ones listed in the article (e.g. Allianz)—which makes sense since their ACS World plan is in fact powered by Allianz.

EDIT: I checked and their Globe Partner insurance is indeed just travel insurance which is limited to a maximum of 12 months.

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This is an excellent post!

One point I missed (specific to US taxpayers): are any of these plans potentially HSA-eligible?

Testing out which is backed by

This is a great article and I finally got around to reading it since I am making plans for a 6 mo stint in the EU. I guess all I will need is a traveler plan but thought this would be a good starting point. There seems to be a couple of missing hyperlinks where it says “You can access the full policy document here”

I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for pointing out the missing links, I’ve updated them now.

hi Sam
thanks for the note. I went back to the article but I still don’t see the links. Maybe it didn’t save the links ?

Hi Ravi,

Which policy document are you trying to access? They all seem to work for me.