Any experience with self-filing using MyExpatTaxes? (USA)

I’ve been using TurboTax Home & Business to file and it works, with some hacks. I came across MyExpatTaxes and they have a self-filing option. Has anyone used it and can comment on it?

Thanks for mentioning this option. I’ll be eager to hear if anyone has any experience with it.

Surely the whole point of being ex pat and nomad is you don’t pay taxes…

I also just came across this: DIY Expat Tax Filing Online | H&R Block®

EDIT: It’s the same software as MyExpatTaxes: Reddit - Dive into anything

I decided to test them this year. It’s a nice system. Much better than TurboTax. The questionnaire is easy. eFiling works. Sometimes the page loads slowly. But that’s about the only quibble I had.

FBAR also works and the filing was included in the price. But MyExpatTaxes requires the address of the foreign institution. I didn’t need to provide an address the last years when I filed FBAR directly. Either something changed or it is just their system.

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