Inexpensive company to file US taxes with?

I am a US citizen. I live in Spain. I’d like to get my taxes ready. I find 300-400 dollars to be very expensive. Does anyone know of a cheaper way /cheaper companies?

Thank you

  1. taxes for which country?
  2. cheap or expensive really depends on your frame of reference and the complexity of your financial situation. If you have one job in the US and no house and no other income and you can file 1040-ez then HRBlock can do your taxes for $50. If you have a large family and make 500k/yr and a ton of investments and deductions you’re into the thousands to do your taxes.
  3. remember that having multiple countries to file for immediately
    a) means a very limited number of professionals will even know how to handle your situation
    b) those professionals, being harder to find, get to charge more
    c) and since it’s more complicated, it will take them longer, meaning they’re charging more per hour for more hours.

so 300 might be a bargain.

OLT, which stands for Online Taxes. Their Federal Basic Edition is free, as are all the free-to-file sites. That’s because the IRS pays them for each return. Unlike the other free sites I checked, OLT has all the IRS forms and allows you to eFile with a foreign address.

  1. Taxes for the USA
  2. Single mom. 2 Children. Paying rent. No investments. 1 Job in the USA (remote). I have a very simple situation.
  3. I file in Spain. Then, I file in the USA and I show them my Spanish declaration, so that part is done for them. Im not too sure if it is much more complicate. The last time, my brother and I got it done in a day.

Oh, well. I’ll look at options (give myself a day or two). If not, I will just pay, as usual.

Thank you!

awesome. I’ll check it out !