Cost for US CPA for PFIC

So I am looking for a US CPA to do my US taxes including the PFIC, QEF and 8621 form for the federal and state 2022 tax returns. Prices have ranged from $6000 - 10000 which I think is high for a simple return beside the 8621. What are people paying for accountant services and can you recommend their services. Obrigado.

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My tax return includes multiple PFICs and other messy stuff, such that it runs to some 95 pages with state.

I paid $2500 last year.

Draw your own conclusions.

As I’ve discussed elsewhere, my accounting firm primarily works with corporate and HNW (I am neither, I just get to use them through connections through my employer, who due in part to how I am paid, is the source of some of that complexity) . Unless you are HNWI - think mid-8 figures - you aren’t their target market so I cannot offer a name or referral. No, I don’t know how much they’d charge if I had a simpler return, and it’s possible there is a friends-n-family discount in there. I merely offer the number as a benchmark.

I recall the name “Mark Nestmann” from an old newsletter as someone who deals in offshore a lot. If you are a Sovereign Man client, they probably have names. You might check out International Living’s contact base as well. That’s how you’re going to find people. And you probably need to dicker.

Fun fact: A friend of mine worked for Edward Jones. Many employees there end up as limited partners in the firm - not a big deal, it’s like profit-sharing or stock options. However, since EJ has offices all over the US and therefore declarable income, every employee has to file a tax return in every single state… (yes, EJ does provide accounting support. still.)


I paid $800 for our 2021 taxes which included the 8621 (PFIC/QEF), 8938 (Foreign Assets), Fincen 114, and California return.

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Its not rocket science particularly if you were issued the PFIC statement. Do it yourself.

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Note that you will be paying taxes for unrealized (i.e without even selling any of the funds) gains on your 1040.

I found someone in a similar range. Thanks.

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Looking for a trustworthy CPA firm for the next year that is competent in the matters you mentioned (corporate and UHNI accounting that also involves dealing with non-US entities), is there a chance you can provide the name or referral? Not related to my GV accounting, that one thankfully is pretty trivial, but stumbled upon this topic following all the situation with Portugal in the first place.

Greenback was the cheapest. I did not go with then but maybe in the future