Any tips on expediting US apostille of criminal record?

I’ve received my digital file from the FBI, and now have to get the apostille, however I understand wait times are currently 8 weeks (according to the Dept of State website). Has anyone any experience in how to expedite this process?

In the last month, a couple of people on these forums have reported that it’s only taken 3 or 4 weeks with Monument Visa. Mine was six weeks, but that was submitted in December, and it seems the process may have accelerated since.

I have two data points for you:

  1. applied 10/3, asked congressman to expedite ~11/28, apostilled ~12/1
  2. applied 12/22, apostilled 1/29

Note that I only used the “congressman expedite” option after 8 weeks of waiting, and only because I had my biometrics appointment a couple of weeks after that. With the processing taking ~5 weeks at this point, I doubt you’ll get much traction especially if you ask early enough for it to matter.

Edit: globextrader is right, ask your congressperson to expedite if you’re trying to catch the GV program before it ends.


I asked my congressman immediately upon submission. Let them know the urgency of the ending of the Golden Visa. I got my apostille back a few days later

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You can call them directly. Very helpful if you have a good reason, I found.

@globextrader and @elorimerlogin thank you both for sharing! QQ: did you follow up with an official letter requesting an expedited procedure after speaking with your congressmen’s offices?
We’ve already been waiting a few weeks for our apostille with Monument and need to do smth in order to get our apps in before 3/16.

Sorry if I was unclear. I didn’t even think of involving my congressman (or a 21 year old unpaid intern who can’t pronounce apostille). I just called the SOS office directly. The expediters move this by showing up in person, and until the office opens up for in person service, they really can’t do anything.

Aha! Thank you for clarifying, Ernest. Did you call the State Dep-t’s Office of Authentications? If so, would you be able to share their phone number? It is not listed on their contact page: Office of Authentications.