Turnaround time for apostilled FBI background check

This is a quick report of the turn around time for getting an apostilled FBI background check:
Fingerprints (digital) on 7/26/2021. I had the electronic version of the report before I got back in my car. So literally 2 min. That day I submitted it electronically to Monument Visa to be apostilled. I got the apostilled document electronically today (8/18/2021.). So 23 days for a fully electronic turnaround.



Aaron, that was a really good experience and i just wanted to share my experience just so people will know there is more than one way to do it. First I’ll let you know I’m from North Carolina. I looked up the fbi application for the fingerprinting checks and then went on line and found a post office that does fingerprinting and went there and in a matter of minutes i was fingerprinted. The post office sent the fingerprints directly to the fbi. Then i went online and made my appointment with the secretary of state for the appostilllization. I got the fbi report in two days and took that to the bank and got it notarized for my appt. at the Secretary of State office. Took it in, paid the 10 dollars and came back the next day for the document. Took 9 days. I hope someone will find this as encouraging as Aarons experience.

uhh… something here doesn’t add up.

edit: ok. so it seems OP got it apostilled at the state level, not federal. that would explain it.

That’s very interesting about the state not being able to apostilize the fbi report. They accepted it at the VFS and it seemed the Secretary of State office did this all the time. Well, I’m really curious now. I’ll let you know what the Portuguese govt decides on its validity.

FWIW I was told recently that SEF might accept a state level apostille for the initial application, but that a federally-apostilled background check was required to be in good standing (<90 days) prior to your in-person biometric appointment. I found the folks at Monument Visa very helpful as well so you may be able to confirm with them.

Does the criminal check require notarized translation into Portuguese, after the apostille is done?
I understand the non-English documents should be translated to Portuguese and notarized in Portugal before submitting to SEF, that’s fine, but what about documents that are issued in English, such as criminal check, health insurance, tax number printout etc.?

Yes. I got mine done using Languex, officially. My lawyer didn’t like it (unclear as to why), so he said he would translate it. :man_shrugging:

I am also in North Carolina and I have 2 questions.

  1. Why did you need to take the FBI report to a notary?
  2. Was your state-level Apostille of the FBI report accepted?