Anyone got the preapproval in 2021 and still waiting for biometrics appointment?

I’m getting really frustrated and don’t know what to do … am I the only one whom approval completed in 2021 and still waiting for biometric appointment ? WHAT CAN I DO???

You are not alone, but from following these forums, a few unfortunate observations. If you get don’t get invited at the time you should have been, you are never invited. Maybe at some future date they will go back to the missed folk. So your choices are to wait to see if they change their policy to do that or sue. There is no other way to even get an answer to the question of what happened to your application.

However, given the planned changes to the law that wont even give you a golden visa if approved now, but some other useless one, makes sense to wait a few months to see if you’d be wasting your money on a lawsuit at this point.

It is really unfortunate all around.