Delay in biometrics appointment

My university student daughter has been waiting a year for her biometrics appointment - she got pre-approval in February 2022. The rest of our family are a step ahead - we had our biometrics in March 2022. Our lawyers say they are working on it but no result. I thought the biometrics appointment is now allocated automatically in chronological order based on the pre-approval date. Since I know from the forum that people pre-approved later than my daughter have already secured biometrics appointments I am confused. Can anyone clarify the situation?

When was her initial application (online) submission and payment dates?

The GV application was submitted and paid for in November 2021. Pre-approval came three months later in February 2022.

The date of application and date of payment is relevant. A poster who applied 23 Nov 21 obtained an invitation for an appointment. SEF Appointment: Sharing Status (?) - #1234 by tizona. Was your daughter’s initial application/payment before, or after, that date?
I assumed that all October and November applications were invited, and that this forum did not have representation of a November application date after 23rd November.

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I double checked and in fact the GV online application and payment for my daughter was on October 6 2021. I see from a long thread on this forum that applications up until Dec 1 are already eligible for biometrics. So what options are available? I need to push my lawyers to get SEF to make the appointment? I had thought the system was now working in chronological order on an automatic basis. Also, I see some applicants have got direct access to the SEF portal and are not relying on their lawyers. Is that advisable? And that is something I should ask the lawyer to set up?

Your daughter’s timeline is almost identical to mine (I applied 1/10/21, paid 6/10/21, pre-approval 25/1/22). I was contacted by my lawyer on 16th Dec 2022 to tell me the window for biometrics appointments had opened up, and she made my appointment for me. You should certainly press your lawyers to explain why this did not happen in your daughter’s case.

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Thank you. That is very useful to know.

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Application and payment was made at the same time. My wife and I received our invitations to schedule at the same time as well.

I am worse. Our preapproval was in 2020. I received my visa over a year ago and cannot get appointments for my daughters. Just lunacy. My attorney has even filled a complaint with the Ministry of Justice.