Explanation of Typical Pre-Approval-Biometrics Process

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I just joined Nomad/Gate and have already learned a lot about the Portugal/GV process and experience. Thank you!

Here’s my question: Our lawyer tells us that once we are pre-approved, SEF will invite us to schedule the biometrics appointment in Portugal within a 10 day period. Can anyone clarify for me whether that is:

  1. A specific and immutable 10-day calendar period during which we must schedule an appointment at an SEF office in Portugal OR

  2. A 10-day window during which we must schedule an appointment in Portugal for a date within a specific future month?

My family and I have applied for GV in Portugal (date of application Nov/Dec 2021). We are currently based in the US and the thought of having to drop everything and book travel with potentially only 10 days notice has me a bit stressed, particularly since we have made an application for our daughter, who is in school. I feel like I just can’t get a straight answer from the lawyers as to how this process goes. I see from reading the forums that SEF is backed up significantly because of the pandemic and now the war in the Ukraine. My question isn’t so much about likely timing, but about the nuts and bolts of how this typically works. How much lead time will we have to make travel arrangements?



scenario 2 is correct.

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My experience was that our lawyer informed us in December 2021 that she had secured an appointment for us in March 2022, so we had plenty of time to make travel arrangements.


This is very useful info for me too as we are in a similar situation. Thanks for the response. Carolyn, have you heard from SEF since. We filed end Dec 2021

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No, Cheryl, like pretty much everyone else on this forum, we are still waiting for pre-approval :face_with_diagonal_mouth: My husband’s application date was 21 Nov 21 and my daughter and I applied on 10 Dec 21. We’ve heard nothing from SEF.