Anyone have a HELPFUL contact at Santander ? (bank is holding up proof of investment, thus our final approval)

Hi all, Does anyone have a contact at Santander (Lisbon or anywhere in Portugal) who is helpful and responsive? We are at the very last step of Stage 4 (biometrics Sep 1 2022 in Lisbon) - AIMA has asked our lawyer for proof that we still have the investment, they have everything else. We thought… no problem, right!!! Well no… Santander is telling our lawyer that it will take 3 MONTHS to provide another declaration of investment. This does not seem possible. :exploding_head: I thought I’d ask here for help, while hopefully our lawyer finds out more about this rather ridiculous situation.

Also, just as a warning… others getting close to final approval may be smart to have the proof of investment already in hand, dated this year. I wish our lawyer had let us know this could be a problem so we could have gotten a head start on it. :neutral_face:

Seems strange, we got ours in one day from Atlantico…

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Totally! This is not something that should take more than 1 day. So strange…
I feel like we are running into willful obstruction at this point, although I am sure it is more so just complete indifference. :sob:

Santander is very irresponsive in all international requests, even adding a person to account took forever. Probably just a problem of large size. We are thinking of moving custodial account to Bison Bank. They are a small investment bank, very aggressive after international investors. Does anybody have feedback / experience on that?