Anyone knows the documents for adoptive children

I am planning for portugal Golden visa with my family member and my adopted children! Anyone knows what document should I prepare for my children application? I have the original adoption certificate for my children.

Besides I have told that all documents only valid for 6 month! after 6 month, I have to ask the government to certify! But the certificate can not be reissue or certify by government. What should I do?

Thank you so much!

Youā€™ll need to check with your lawyer as a lot of things vary due to individual circumstances. In my case we registered our foreign born daughter with the state we were living in at the time (17 years ago) as part of the adoption process. So I can get a birth certificate from the state we were living in that shows Iā€™m a parent of my daughter, even though the birth location is not in the USA.

If your kids are not foreign born it would probably be different.