Are adult children dependants?

Hi. Wanted to check the possibility of getting a Portugal GV for children even if they have finished their education and started working/training? Does anyone know if they need to maintain dependant status only at the application time or at every renewal? Lastly, does anyone have a good experience with a lawyer they have used for the application process and recommend? Thanks

Best to talk to your lawyer on the ground as a lot depends on the exact personal situation. However, what Iโ€™ve been told is that itโ€™s fairly easy to prove dependency as long as they are under 31 for the whole process and do not get married. You will need to prove dependency at the renewal time, but this can be done by having them enroll in a class or similar activities.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I had a preliminary chat with a lawyer and feel that to establish dependency for the adult child will be bit onerous (need to be enrolled in full time education the entire period, remain single, etc). Guess the only possibility would be to make a separate application but that would entail 2 applications and double investment/costs.