Bank account in Non-OECD Financial Hub

Hello! I am looking for a Bank account in a Non OECD Financial Hub - Like Singapore, Dubai or Hong Kong.

I live in Ireland and tax for me works on a remittance basis of assessment. Basically, if income doesn’t to Ireland, I don’t pay tax on it.

Why Non-OECD? The taxation on investments funds is a bit confusing. Stocks from OECD countries are just fine but funds from OECD countries are taxed just like local income. So I want to invest in the S&p500 but if this is using an ETF or Fund domiciled in an OECD country, I have to pay a lot of tax on it.

I have $50,000 at the moment with another $50,000 coming in about 6 months.

Anyone know a suitable Bank + Brokerage? I can’t find any institution which would be offering both.

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