Banking for Estonian OÜ & Crypto

Hi –

I’m about to register an Estonian OÜ as an e-resident. I’m going to receive payments in crypto. So I need to open a bank account with a bank that

a) banks with e-residents
b) accepts transfers to and from crypto exchanges

I prefer an online solution - without having to travel to Estonia.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you!

Hi Christoph,

As you mentioned that you would like to have an online banking solution, we always recommend our customers to use Payoneer or Wise accounts as they offer the needed amount of flexibility that many e-Resident businesses need. In your case, I believe that Payoneer might be more suitable and crypto-friendly.


Hey - thanks Kristjan! The challenge is not the e-residency, but finding a bank that’s allowing interactions with crypto exchanges for business clients.

Wise for instance apparently - just - changed their policies to where they allow withdrawals from crypto exchanges, but no deposits. :man_shrugging:

But I’ll look into Pioneer. Thanks for that tip! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi , great questions! I have the same

Hey Jo,

I’ve reached out to several banks describing what I’m looking for (e-resident + crypto friendly). These three got back to me, confirming that they’d accept applications of clients with that profile. I haven’t decided yet which one I’m going with.

Intergiro (Sweden)
Orounda (Scotland)
Mr Tango (Lithuania)

Good luck!

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Add-On –

Given the current developments in Estonia regarding Crypto companies or even owning and holding currencies in a non-custodial wallet makes me re-consider registering a business there alltogether.

Christoph, I really understand your concern and we as a company are aware of the amount of misinformation that is circling the internet after the new AML law draft was introduced.

Which is why I would kindly like to draw your attention to our analysis of the new AML law ( as the link which you shared is unfortunately misleading and not in accordance with the AML draft.

Hope this provides you a new point of view and clears up some doubts that may have risen!

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Hey, thanks for that, @kristjan.r!

Really appreciate the effort and clarification. :slight_smile:

Could you point out where the other article is wrong or misleading? I’m trying to understand better what’s going on.

This law is being decided on in February, right?

Thank you!