Open an online Bank account (German IBAN)

Hi guys,

I recently asked a question regarding the IBAN of online banks - since I needed recommendations for online banks that have German IBAN.

I found out that online banks have a specific requirement for the Business owners, such as they have to be living in Germany to be able to open a bank account.
Personally I think this has no logic. Anyway I tried Qonto and now I am trying Holvi.

Our company is registered in Germany since 2011 and we have non-EU residential owners from Kosovo (South East of Europe). We do have legal representatives in Germany but the banks don’t allow them to open a bank for our company.

So, my question is… did anyone else had the same issue? If so what did you do?
In addition if you would recommend another Online Banking service with German IBAN, please let me know about it.


N26 has german IBANs. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion but since I am trying to open a Bank account for a Business, N26 won’t be of any help… They have only bank accounts for freelancers or private individuals.

I would research Transferwise, and then look at the 2 new account possibilities of the German Solaris Bank, is offering Bitcoin trading and holding for private individuals but includes a regular German IBAN, and then they seemed to have created an account structure for small businesses and freelancers called Kontist. You would probably be best advised to contact them directly. Maybe that helps. Cheers ! :grinning: :grinning:

Yeah,it really is the proof of residents that creates a lot of issues for travellers,as we dont stay where the bank account is registered.
I can do ebanking and get the proof from an acc. statement I can download,which requires still an address where the account is.If India would not be that bad of an option for international money transfers due to rules and regulations,I would have registered here since long.
If IBAN doesnt match with PoR,its not possible to register with any financial institute.

TransferWise’s IBANs are now Belgian, no longer German (they used to be provided by Deutsche Kontor Privatbank, but now they belong to TransferWise Europe SA, based in Brussels).