Looking for referrals for companies that can help open an EU bank account for a non-resident


(Ann Ka) #1

I am looking for referrals for companies that I can hire to help me open up a corporate bank account in the EU without being a resident. No e-wallets.
I am looking for company name and contact. I don’t need the name of banks, but I do want a company I can hire to help me through this process and obtain a bank account.
Thank you.

(Duncan) #2

You can look at
https://www.firma.de/ for German company formation, which should include banking, or
just write to
and ask about their deal with Holvi Bank.
There have been posts on this forum regarding e-registry in Estonia, as well, which
would lead to some banking in Europe.
Looking at LeoPay now.

(Thomas K. Running) #3

Depending what you need the account for, LeoPay, TransferWise Borderless or Payoneer can be good options (with no middle-man). Or even N26 if you can get an address in Europe somehow.

Is it a personal or corporate account? And where are you or the company based?

(Ann Ka) #4

Thank you for your feedback. It is a corporate account. I forgot to mention that I require IBAN brick and mortar. No e-wallet companies. I am so open to more ideas. Thanks!

(Ann Ka) #5

Thank you for your feedback. That is helpful. LeoPay is not an option for this project. e-reg for Estonia does look interesting and have been reading about it here. Thanks again!