Looking for an EU corporate bank account!



I have a company in Gibraltar, we offer online SEO services, web design etc. and have been living in Spain for a short time now and do not yet have a tax residence here. I have extreme difficulty opening a business bank account. Lastly, I tried it with MyPOS … the result after a week everything was ok, and I was always cooperative … the account was blocked, and now there are about 40k € there. I now have to provide a bank account which is on the company, a bank statement with signature and bank stamp, so that my money is transferred to me. I offered to transfer the money to my personal Spanish bank account, which was rejected.
Now I am desperately looking for a corporate bank account in the EU so that I can not only get my money from MyPOS, but can continue to receive payments from my clients via my Payment Processor.

i am actually not able to travel, because my mother had a stroke and need my care!

I am grateful for any help and encouragement.

Thanks in advance

Dear Sir, I can open a bank account for you in EU country. If interested please send me a private message. I am a consultant. Thank you.