Best offshore countries to incorporate post BREXIT for British passport holders?


Best offshore destination countries to incorporate post BREXIT for girls/boys who holding a British passport as well? Countries that does not co-operate with post brexit UK wanted only please?

To make it simple, where to incorporate offshore that does not send your incorporation/AEOI or bank or both info to UK. Yeay!

Please can you list best countries for offshore incorporation separate from offshore banking, thus make the answers more clear please?

You may explain your idea is a single offshore company or cooperating management or whatever structure you propose or etc etc?

You may include your suggested service providers name, or if this website does not allow it and may consider this advert, thus feel free to PM me instead!

Do you think UK will be more isolated country to be able to collect the info about offshore incorporation and banking comparing to the time that it was in the EU?

Oooh troll Feds: How much cost your dignity? Sucked my tx for this year like previous years? then off my posts and bark elsewhere! lol

Tnx and best of luck for all non-Feds

May I ask are you living in UK as if not does it matter where you incorporate. You will only be reported to your country of residence under the common reporting standard for banks but Companies registers detailing Conpany Beneficial Owners. many countries are widely sharing this informatuon now with all countries signed up under the Common Reporting Standard.
What are you trying to achieve?

Hi @asia2

I want to this year incorporate my offshore company with my British passport (considering I’m multinational). I don’t want the offshore company that I’m incorporating offshore be reported to the UK. As I may need to visit UK for visiting friends, and UK have strict law of residency days permitted, if I pass these limited days even one day extra, the UK’s local tax office will try to bring my offshore company’s tax to UK to tax me here as 20% for corporate income, and this will start a long legal challenge and costy on concept of time and money and time is money for me.

As UK in post Brexit era, is more isolated country that expand my offshore incorporation choices or everything will remains same as like as before Brexit in regarding to best asset protection country for who incorporating offshore with British passport?

And what countries is the best offshore destination for asset protection of someone incorporating offshore with British passport in 2020?

And whats the best scheme/structure for asset protection offshore destination country with British passport in 2020?

e.g. Liechtenstein had an scheme before brexit for asset protection, does when UK leaves the EU, the Liechtenstein become more protective for asset protection offshore for those with British passport? (As it’s not in EU but it’s in EEA)

Thanks and best of luck!

In this thread you are assuming brexit is a bad thing, i do not think so, look at Singapore, similar thing happend they left a bigger state and become independent and thanks to that they are some of the worlds most successful nations

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Hiya @GoldenCoder my answer is general and nothing to you, thus please don’t take this answer personally. I don’t want to disappoint you. And this is my views:

Brexit is done, whatever we like it or not.

I’m more looking for views into the offshore incorporation for a British passport holder, in any condition for privacy and asset protection of the offshore incorporator, will this be affected by Brexit or everything will remain same?

Most of the EU contributors was tax-payers in the UK, they are leaving the UK and they are taking the tax-returns somewhere else. The immigration system changes after Brexit and only accepts qualified and highly educated individuals. But looking into high net wealth individuals facing 45% income-tax for certain salary threshold and 20% corporate-tax and self-employed directors get tax-ed 20% of annual corporate income and the remaining 80% will be tax-ed at 45% plus national insurance contribution, council-tax, road-tax, expensive-insurance-policies and considering the lack of customer service and the irresponsibility to discipline the wrongly behaving employed and corrupted(non-behaving) public service members and because unfortunate some hostile environment exists in the UK, all of above will make UK less interesting for proper immigrants from EU, as the USA and Canada and Switzerland and Australia have a better tax-ing system in favour of tax-payers as they saving more income and certain high net wealth have more money to spend etc etc

Comparing these small single state countries HK, Singapore, Monaco, Macao, Cayman, BVI etc etc have an amazing system that attracts the investors, and I have significant doubt with the UK to become anyhow like these investment destinations. As if they wanted to do it, they have adverted in the Brexit instead of lie to tax-payers like 350Mil-week claims!
And what do you expecting from liers who running public service and a double standard system etc etc?

I’m happy, as in the UK in after Brexit era if I can order from the US without paying import-tax but I have doubt they let this happen as otherwise under quality local products will never sell-off then.

The UK will have less money to spend after Brexit because all claims like 350-Mil/Week was false. The public service played with tax-payers mind like a fiddle and British tax-payers lost and British tax-payers don’t even notice?

Looking back in history:

I never voted because I believe the Feds voting system is cheating in certain events like Brexit by the authority in their favour.

The political system of the UK, that only head of a leading party with most MP seats in the house of commons, can be the UK’s PM is corrupt, as this prevents required changes to be done in a short time, this is because the UK is not a democracy, while proclaimed to be, as its a monarchy, a democratic kingdom, and this system is one of the kinds that never had any revolution to change for good in history, as the system itself is the hidden hand behind all the Islamic revolutions in oil/petrol rich countries and supporting dictators by hidden hands in oil/petrol rich countries and plotted to engineer the mastermind of all terrorism in co-operation with the USA and France to support his agenda worldwide. Thus heavily invested in the word of terrorism and the local security intelligence services is hand to hand with the mosque imams that brainwash the simple-minded Muslim to attack the ordinary citizens only and mostly as to scare Brits to vote for the increasing county’s security by surveillance, and big-bro agenda on these surveillance concepts matter, as they vote for increasing surveillance on the Brits as they claim its for your good and safety, but it’s wrong. It’s for taking you under control to prevent you from changing system. As the terrorists was under the control from the mosque imam who led them, as the mosque imam was interior security, secret service’s hidden member. This is cheating overall and it’s not fair to happen, I don’t approve of this. And I don’t like my tax-return spent on harming most loved ones in the UK either, as I go to this concept by two example celebrities and most resected public figure ones below in the next paragraphs. The system is corrupted as it only feeds not 1% but the(1/1000)% or 1/100’000 ones. And as long as the system isn’t changed, the UK never become anyhow like of these single state countries like HK, Singapore, Monaco, Macao, Cayman, BVI etc etc as these systems spend the tax-payers money into what is good for the country and not for the sake of its 1/100’000 special ones.

Authority is the mastermind of terrorism and eliminates all the peace lovers and this is funded by our hard-earned money and our tax-returns:
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"A musician, songwriter, and lead singer of The Beatles, John Lennon engaged in anti-war activism through several iconic songs such as “Give Peace a Chance” and “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”. In 1971, he moved to New York City to join activists in the United States to protest against the Vietnam War. Over the next 12 months, the U.S. government launched an extensive surveillance operation to monitor his activities and to deport him back to Britain. The operation was conducted by the FBI with the help of MI5. "

On the evening of 8 December 1980, English musician , formerly of [the Beatles], was fatally shot in the archway of [the Dakota], his residence in New York City.

And there is more:

This child never know that her anti-personnel mine and peace-loving activities and opposing injustices will lead to her terror

Back in glory days:

Family conflict:

Planned accident based on her letter happened and criminals are out walking in sunlight. Below is the Princess Diana’s handwriting that clearly warned to the public that she will get murdered soon in a planned accident!

Remember public service and police are made and created to bully the weak and innocents and to eliminate all threats to the system, while funded by use, our tax-returns, and we are funding this system by our tax-return:

And she was unhappy that poor and innocent Brits and also citizens of the earth are bullied by Feds:

Poor getting poorer, but MoD and DoD making newer weapons every day as this is how authority decided on our behalf by our money. Is this right? No!

Authority getting more aggressive collecting tax’s from even poor:

Q: What’s worst than an Authority is the mastermind of all terrorism and eliminates all the peace lovers?

A: This Bad advisor! lol

Looking back the history with John Lennon glasses:

Nothing left just memories of loved ones who sacrificed themselves for peace and for a better future for us. They remain in our hearts forever.

All of these lessons from history make me believe there was nothing good will come out of evil. And the Brexit wouldn’t be anything good for us, at least for us, not 1/100’1000 special ones.

That’s all very interesting… sounds like a BRIITISH COLONIAL COMMON-LAW JURISDICTION IS NOT FOR YOU…perhaps you should consider a trust/foundation structure in Nevada… also Seychelles… Mauritius… Panama… there are more complex sturctures, but you need first to define clearly to an adviser such things as where your time will be spent days per year, where your assets are fixed, and/or where they are movable to by re-location, etc etc… and then the multi-tier structures can be applied more intelligently… One guiding rule… the adviser you are seeking help from will usually provide you advice that is applicable and relevant only to the jurisdictions he / she is providing services in… so caveat emptor.

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