Corporation of London tax haven, how we can use a trick to use this tax heaven?


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how to use Corporation of London tax haven and how we can reduce tax by this law?


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What are you trying to achieve? Where are you a legal resident? Might be better to explain your situation/requirements and then I and others can give some opinions/thoughts on what you could possibly look at doing, with the help of professionals.

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Hiya @international_man

My info is confidential I don’t want to expose publically my information. As I don’t feel safe then. I want to achieve tax avoidance. With UK passport, living in overseas territories , I don’t want to my traviling cause that I affected by UK tax authority to text me. I want to text avoid individually or/and as corporate, or both make UK tax avoidance in maximum possible secure solution. How? :sunglasses:
How can I setup this structure? Even by avoidance or any tricks to added up to legal avoidance security measurements structure to make it more bullet proof. Also I need someone to advise me how to represent myself as innocent if trick goes wrong and I get affected by UK tax authority. As I’m doing this as evaluation and experimental option like research, so it’s even legal to discuss here or pm me? :wink: :kissing_closed_eyes:
As potential tricks as learning and training purpose is legal, like it’s college or uni or something here :joy: