Best way to buy crypto?

Are there better ways to buy than via Coinbase or Binance?

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Kraken is my exchange of choice, they have been around for a long time and have reasonable fees. There are also Bitcoin ATMs in many countries around the world now, if you prefer to go the more physical route.

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Binance is best, I always use it to receive my paycheck and buy crypto. Tip: don’t activate KYC.


I would suggest Coinbase Pro, that way you avoid the bigger fees present on the main platform.

Hi Mario,

What are the costs when you buy Bitcoin on Coinbase ?
I search on the website of coinbase, but it is difficult to find.
Many thanks in advance !!!

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Willy van DAm.

If you are starting - an easy way to start is

I do think binance is the best in terms of rates and use. But an easy way to start is